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INMO is a Premium Podcast Hosting Service for Professional DJ's. Get Unlimited Disk Space & Bandwidth, and thanks to the validation of our service by iTunes, your iTunes Podcast is verified and ready in less than 6 hours. Hosted on the best servers in the world, INMO is stable with virtually no interruptions and no down time. No time restraints for your mixes, or the amount of mixes you upload, so your iTunes Podcast Catalog is complete at all times. No other Cloudcast or Podcast Service can offer what INMO can for only $10.00 per month!

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Sign up for INMO today for just $10.00 a month and begin the freedom of unlimited podcasting. No need to delete older mixes or have a branded domain URL!!

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Yes even we have a YouTube. Check out our promotional videos and share the freedom of podcasting with unlimited possibilities with your friends!